Hello, and welcome, my wonderful peers and teachers!

I have never attempted a blog before, and I am both apprehensive and excited by the prospect of having my very own space to publish my contemplations on life and anything else in between. I suppose I should start by introducing myself…

My name is April and I am in my second year of study at UOW. I am undertaking a double degree in law and journalism (who doesn’t like a bit of a challenge, or perhaps a sign I have too much time on my hands?!). I think these two degrees in particular marry well together and hopefully they will provide a wonderful array of career opportunities when I finally finish.

When I tell people what I am studying I am often met with a subtle change in their facial expression that illustrates their mild inducement of a panic attack on my behalf. Let me explain. Both the study of law and journalism face their own unique issues in regards to future employment prospects. There are simply too many law students and not enough jobs. Whilst journalism is often referred to as a dying art. I have to respectfully disagree. If anything journalism is becoming more alive than ever with dynamic changes in technology and the way in which society is fed their news.

I am a passionate person who believes that we are here to learn and experience life. So this past summer holidays I decided on a whim to go travel around Asia (I was literally on a plane two days later).  I went to places such as Honk Kong and Malaysia and had a fantastic time. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to explore and expand my world. I believe that there are many ways in which we can become participatory citizens, but by far the easiest way is to be in tune with current affairs, both here at home in Australia and overseas.

Let me clarify. I don’t mean you have to religiously tune into the four o’clock news every afternoon, but find your own unique ways in which you can become aware of what is happening around you. As a journalism student I must admit I probably read more news articles in both print and online than most (guilty pleasure – the celebrity section of the Dailymail). Whether it is through a phone app such as the ABC, or perhaps when you make a comment in response to an opinion you disagree with, you should endeavour to stay connected to the world around you. Trust me it will make you more empathic person in the long run.

I look forward to having the chance to interact with my fellow students by reading their blogs, but also having the opportunity to meet you all face to face!

April 🙂


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